Egyptian Pyramid Making Activity (V)
Collage Making Activity – Ancient Buildings of Greece (IV)?
Junior Open Day - Learning the Fun-Way
Inter-House Kho-Kho Match (III)
Inter-House Throw Ball Match (Jr. Girls & Boys?)
Junior Athletic Meet 2014-15
Inaugaration Ceremony of Wg.Cdr. Mathew Football Tournament
Wg. Cdr. Mathew Footbal Tournament
Kho-Kho Match
Cricket Match (Jr. Boys and Girls)
Throw Ball Match (III - V)
Mass PT (IV - V)
Throw Ball Match Finals (III - V)
Football Match (III - V)
Cricket Match (IV - V)
Junior School Annual Sports Meet (I - V)
Inter-House Street Play (III-V)
Spin-a-Yarn (I-II)
Inter-House Art Competition (I-V)

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