Inter-House Indian Music Competition (VI - XII)
Art of Cooking Competition( IX - XII)
Inter - House Hindi Debate(IX - XII)
Inter - House Quiz Competition(6-8)
Inter-House Street Play (VI - XII)
Inter-House Art of Cooking Competition (VI-VIII)
Class Activity - Muhawara Manthan (V)
Nation Reads Together (V)
Class Activity - Doll Making (IV)
Class Activity - Time and Direction (III)
Class Activity - Young Ones of Animals (II)
Class Activity - Culture and Traditions (I)
Readathon (IV)
Readathon (III)
Class Activity - Dressed up as a Cartoon Character(III)
Video Conference between St. Mary`s School, Dwarka and Maha Madhya Vidyalaya?, Srilanka
Egyptian Pyramid Making Activity (V)
Collage Making Activity – Ancient Buildings of Greece (IV)?
Junior Open Day - Learning the Fun-Way

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