Inter-House Art of Cooking Competition(VI-VIII)
Inter-House Hindi Debate(IX-XII)
Inter-House Kite Flying Competition(VI - XII)
Inter-House Hindi Debate(VI-VIII)
Inter-House Art Competition(I-V)
Inter-House Flameless Art of Cooking Competition(III-V)
Spelling Bee I-II
Inter-House Indian Music Competition(I-V)
Spin-A-Yarn (III-V)
Inter-House Western Music Competition(I-V)
Inter-House Craft Competition(I-V)
Inter-House Recitation Competition(I-II)
Inter-House Dance Competition(I-II)
Inter-House Indian Music Competition(III-V)
Inter-House Street Play(III-V)
Inter-House Dance Competition(III-V)
Recitation Competition(I-II)
Inter-House Craft cccompetition(I-V)
Inter-House Western Music CCCompetition(I-V)

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