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St. Mary’s is a co-educational institution dedicated to developing intellectual curiosity and personal growth in each individual through a well-balanced curriculum, based on a holistic approach in Humanities, Science and Commerce streams. Students are prepared for the All India Secondary and Senior Secondary Examination under the 10+2 Scheme.

Our academic programme is built around the needs of the competitive world that we live in. Based on grades and school assessments, the students are provided instructions that will help them to succeed. Our goal is to build an academic program that is both vigorous and motivating .We help students develop academic skills, content knowledge, healthy habits and sound decision making skills. In the process, we also expose them to situations which they will face in the future. We provide them a safe and positive learning environment, ensuring a successful assimilation of contextual learning.




Students with special needs study in regular classrooms but we realize the importance of giving them the necessary support to cope with academics.The resource room caters to the extra help required where special educators in co-ordination with the mainstream teachers either revise work that has been done in class previously, or teach them a concept that will be taught to them in the following classes.



Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Solar panels installed in our school caters to the energy requirements and are the important parameter to the green school building. Technology leading to the development requires ample supply of energy which should be made available, stored and consumed with no emissions.

Sound Proof Music Room

Sound Proof Music Room

Project SEARCH - TERI and Tetra Pak initiative paved the way to a sound proof MUSIC room designed in the school using Tetra Pak cartons collected from our school and from the neighbourhood.

Vermicompost site

Vermicompost site

The green cover of our school campus generates bulk of leaf litter which is converted into vermicompost by collecting in the vermicompost pits. The compost thus generated is used for inhouse gardening.

Vriksha bandhan

Vriksha bandhan

The Eco club students celebrated Raksha Bandhan as Vriksha Bandhan to encourage the interdependence and respect trees for giving us clean air and protecting air pollution.

Water treatment plant

Water treatment plant

They grey water discharged from the kitchen of the school canteen is subjected to Water Treatment Plant, is treated and used for horticulture.


In Photos
03.05.2024 - Teacher`s Workshop on the topic `Raising Readers` (I-VIII)
10.07.2024 - Inter-House Nukkad Natak Competition (VI-XIII)
10.07.2024 - Blessing Ceremony
18.05.2024 - Cricket Match(Sub Jr. Boys)
11.05.2024 - Football Match(Sub Jr. Girls)

High achievements always takes place in the framework of high expectations.

– Charles Kettering

11.05.2024 - Basketball(Sub Jr. Boys)

Achievements and awards inspire us to push past our limits and challenge our own strength.

11.05.2024 - Football Match(Jr. Girls)
11.05.2024 - Basketball Match(Jr.Boys)
09.05.2024 - Basketball Match(Sub Jr. Girls)

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