Aasmaan - Inclusion

A resource room to facilitate effective inclusion

This is exactly what we at St. Mary’s do. Students with special needs study in regular classrooms but we realize the importance of giving them the necessary support to cope with academics.

The resource room caters to the extra help required where special educators in co-ordination with the mainstream teachers either revise work that has been done in class previously or teach them a concept that would be taught to them in the following classes.

Our physically challenged students on wheelchairs are lovingly helped by their classmates. It is considered a privilege to be chosen to bring in these students from the school gate to the classrooms.

It is a common sight to see the mainstream students positioned at the gate with a wheelchair awaiting the arrival of these students or to see them maneuvering wheelchairs in the corridors.       

Internation Day of Person's with Disability - Aasmaan Class Day 

               National Conference on Education Reforms for Inclusive Education        

                   Election Voting

               Annual Sports Day

         Make My Choice Workshop

             Dusshera Assembly

     53rd - NCERT Foundation Day

                  Martyr's Day

                   World's Space Week

           World's Disability Day

    Inter-House Hindi Debate(VI-VIII)